About Jen

“Embrace the glorious mess that you are.”

Elizabeth Gilbert (2014)


Married for…some… years now.

We’re raising four ahh-mazing babies.

I hate winter in the midwest.

I never committed to a formal “profession,” but I like writing. It’s therapeutic. And pretty.

I cuss more than most think and I don’t use filters around our kids.

Everybody love everybody.

I’m gullible and trust people too much. Did you know if you say the word “gullible” slowly it sounds like “oranges”?!

#marijuanareform #educatedonthate

Search for equality within humanity. Just don’t give a shit about race, age, gender, et al. You do you; let me do me. Co-Exist people!

I can understand, empathize with, and usually relate to, all sides of an argument. It’s a God-given gift or a curse from the devil himself. Whatever sounds better.

I suffer from eating in my sleep. Chocolate. I used to go through a bag of fun size snickers a NIGHT. I’ve moved on though – I’m at plain M&M’s and damn near the 64 oz bag a night.

Three topics to avoid with people whom you want to get along with in the future: religion, politics, and sex. That shit is real. 

Everyone should wear more pink. It’s the best.

Used to love the booze until I stopped being so fat. Still love my *MJ* though (medicinally, of course). 

I’m a sucker for a damn fine quote. A few clicks around here prove that.

Clinically I suffer a debilitating mental illness but don’t you feel sorry for me; experts say it’s possible for me to “live a healthy, productive, normal life given proper medication and an appropriate treatment plan.”

(Ahem, still waiting … )

Given my old age, I don’t watch as many scary movies as I once did. Comedy has never failed me and #idratherlaughthanks

Dave Matthews Band is #1

My husband is my best friend and the only one who can stand being around me as long as he has. #FuckingSaint

I’m always, ALWAYS broke. Seriously, I have problems.

I love to fish – but only in a boat – on a lake (catch and release program only).

No matter how much you know or don’t know about me, and no matter how open-minded I am or how many times I’ve said, “I’ve been there”… No matter what political affiliation I represent, or club I belong to, or church I attend, or socioeconomic class I fall into…or what fam I’m from, or the color of my skin…

One thing remains certain: Sixty-six percent of the time, I offend someone, every time. 😉

“She believed she could ♥ So she did.”

R. S. Grey (2014)

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